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Eyford Ridge Seed Company offers Seed Services and Crop Seeds to farmers, Contact us today!


AgriEdge Excelsior® is our Whole Farm Management Solution helps to keep track of all your inputs and yield data. It also pays you back for being a Syngenta customer.  We are helping progressive growers seek to enhance productivity as a Certified AgriEdge Excelsior®. This whole farm program combines secure data management across digital platforms, innovative product choices for every crop, and trusted on-farm service with the opportunity to earn financial rewards, helping growers maximize and sustain their return on investment.


At Eyford Ridge Seed Company, we offer an abundant amount of seeds such as alfalfa seeds, sunflower seeds, corn seeds, wheat seeds and soybean seeds. Our trusted partnership with seed suppliers and use of technology with drone scouting allows us to be able to provide you and your farm with the seeds that fit your specific needs. We will help you choose the seeds that perform the best in your crop which will offer the largest opportunity for yield. Contact us for more information on our seeds!

Seed Treatment

In need of seed treatments for your farm? Eyford Ridge Seed Company offers seed treatment services. Our seed treatments include using insecticide/fungicide which will give a boost in your crops. Seed treatments prevent insects and diseases which are harmful to your farm and to the community. Our seed treatments not only prevent insects and diseases, it helps your crops grow stronger and roots grow deeper to boost crop productivity during the season. Contact us today for more information on our seed treatment services.

We are there to help farmers like you!

Farming is an important business. Our world revolves around farms which creates food, fuel and fiber. However, with the difficulty in higher input costs, unstable commodity markets, interfering regulation, shrinking space and unstable climate, it makes running a successful farm far from easy. At Eyford Ridge Seed, we will help you by making sure your fields produce an abundance of high-quality crops. Our services include providing seeds and seed treatments that will help ensure your farm's success.

Putting Technology to Work

A successful farm in today’s age takes advantage of the latest advancements in technology. We use modern technology through our Vireo™ aerial drone service. Using a camera mounted on a drone, we are able to capture aerial footage of your fields to create an ongoing analysis of your fields and deliver real-time results to you. The aerial drone also has sensors that identify crop health and cropping issues to prevent damage.

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