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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me figure out what seeds to use?

We have many different types of seeds available. Not every type will work for your farm. As part of our data analysis services, we can help you by figuring out exactly what will work for your farm's needs.

What makes Eyford Ridge Seed Company different over another supply and analysis company?

At Eyford Ridge Seed Company, we use a wide range of products and services to help you get the best outcome for your farm. We understand the importance of sustaining a healthy farm. WingScan™ aerial drone is one of our unique and successful services where we are able to capture video footage of your entire field. With the data we receive, we are able to create a detailed analysis of your farm with how it looks, and what you will need. With continuous analyses, we can help you understand how your farm is changing over time. We will provide you with data and information to help you make the best decisions possible to ensure the success of your farm.

Will the WingScan drone cause any harm to my crops or fields?

No. The WingScan drone does not cause harm to crops or fields. The UAV that is used to scan fields is completely safe and will not cause any damage to your crops, even if it lands in the middle of your field. 

What can I do with your UAV analysis?

Our service includes scanning your field throughout the season to give you a detailed report about the quality of your crops and your farm’s overall health. Once we review the analysis we can adjust your seed treatments and procedures as necessary to ensure a healthy farm.

Who does Eyford Ridge Seed Company partner with?

Syngenta®, Elk Mound Seed Company, Golden Harvest Corn, NEXGRO® Alfalfa, AgriPro® Wheat and a variety of others. Olafson Agrarian Enterprises also owns Eyford Ridge Seed Company.

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